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Red-Green-Themes promotes new thinking, policy ideas, strategies and practical initiatives which follow a general approach.

Red-Green may be thought of as an evolution of more conventional Market Transformation policy. 
This is necessary:
  1. to adapt and update policy making, its mechanisms and institutions, responding to the increasing availability and accessibility of public domain information, analysis and expertise
  1. to stimulate innovation and competition to deliver better-than-average results and to drive up policy ambitions, recognising the limitations of consensus-based, regulatory policy making processes
  1. To encourage more accessible, integrated and comparative forms of policy making at local, regional and global levels which enable benchmarking and which are open to public scrutiny, challenge and engagement.
The intention is to communicate and interpret policy aims and objectives effectively and in a way which stimulates and supports commensurate behavioural responses.
The Red-Green approach is, broadly, to identify and to encourage those actions, operations and behaviours which make a net contribution to published policy objectives – operating in the Green Zone and to discourage those which do not.(Red Zone behaviours)
Three core actions are envisaged:
A clear, quantified policy aim, subject to review
An unambiguous ‘red-green’ compliance test
Open and transparent risk-management
Initial priorities are to apply Red-Green thinking to policies which aim for more sustainable and socially responsible lifestyles and behaviours, consistent with a One Planet or Green Economy.